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Furniture Revival Sponsor Spotlight: Kreber Photography

We're excited to launch our brand-new fundraising celebration, Furniture Revival. This meaningful, high-energy experience occurs in tandem with our online Fall Furniture Auction and channels HGTV and DIY Network, with a Greensboro nonprofit twist to demonstrate the power of furniture to change lives. We've gathered a roster of incredible design teams who are as we speak crafting works of art out of furniture that only a few weeks ago was headed for the landfill. On Saturday, Oct. 23 we'll pay homage to these artists and make merry as we count down the end of auction. Tickets are on sale now on our website.

This is a new chapter in Barnabas fundraising, and it's all happening thanks to a dedicated team of sponsors who believe in us, sponsors like Kreber Photography. A fourth-generation family business with roots here in the Triad dating back to the 80s, Kreber employs around 90 graphic arts professionals in its High Point studio.

We asked the Kreber team, "Why Barnabas?" and President Jack Kreber got right back to us with that answer, along with some thoughts on life and photography.

Why Barnabas?

The Kreber team has been inspired by the Barnabas mission of helping people get back on their feet; and my wife, Shelley, is now a board member and very passionate about Barnabas and doing everything we can to allow it to serve as many people as possible.

Kreber Photography has deep roots here in Guilford County. What is it about this area?

The Triad is a thriving place to own a marketing and content creation business because of its proximity to the furniture market, and also because it is so close to so many of the nation's main business centers. What can photography teach us about life?

Photography can inspire people to aspire, and that is always a good thing. At all of our cores, we want a better life. And that's where photography and Barnabas come together.

What does "recycling furniture and restoring lives" mean to you?

It's really about restoring lives. The recycled furniture is a meaningful step in helping that happen, but Kreber gets excited about helping people start over and work towards a better life.

Since our earliest days as a grassroots response to Hurricane Katrina, we have been bolstered by an invested and caring community of supporters. Having Kreber suit up for Team Barnabas as we blaze new trails and grow as an organization means the world to us. Here's to Furniture Revival --- and here's to restoring lives!

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