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How do I receive furniture?


To ensure that furniture goes to individuals and families with the greatest need, Barnabas works with more than 150 local agencies who refer and screen clients before they are eligible for furniture. Referring organizations include schools, churches and social service agencies. Here are the steps in the process:

  1. An individual or family secures stable housing (on their own or with the help of an agency).

  2. A designated representative from a referring agency completes a referral packet, and performs a home visit to verify, document, and detail the need in terms of household size and items required. The packet is submitted to Barnabas along with a $35 referral processing fee from the referring agency.

  3. When the packet is received, a Barnabas staff member calls the client to schedule an appointment. 

  4. At the appointment, a Barnabas staff member collects basic voluntary demographic data and then takes clients into our showroom where they select the items for which they are eligible. Items are gently-used (not brand new). Inventory is based on donations, but our goal is to have everything a client needs to set up a home, so items typically available include beds, mattresses, linens, dining tables and chairs, armchairs, sofas, dressers, end tables, lamps, and kitchen items including plates, glasses, silverware, and pots and pans.

  5. Once shopping is complete, the client is ready to head home with a truck full of furniture to set up a new life.

  6. There are two options to get your furnishings home: you bring a truck at the time of your appointment or you schedule our delivery service when you make your appointment. There is a $75 delivery fee.


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Our goal is for families to leave Barnabas with all the basic furnishings they need to make a home, including sheets and towels. 

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