Update 7/10/20: The Barnabas Online Furniture Auction Fundraiser starts tonight at 8pm!


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Update 7/1/20:  BREAKING NEWS



The Barnabas Network Announces Furniture Auction Fundraiser

 Online Sale Event Runs July 10 - July 17


Greensboro, N.C. –The Barnabas Network, the nonprofit furniture bank located at 838 Winston Street, Greensboro, NC 27405, is set to host its first-ever Furniture Auction Fundraiser, featuring over 170 pieces of new and like-new furniture from local retailers. The online event begins at 8 p.m. on July 10 and runs through July 17. Updates will be posted on www.thebarnabasnetwork.org


The auction rounds out Barnabas’s online Furniture Sale Fundraiser, which this year, due to COVID-19, took the place of the furniture bank’s popular spring sale. “It has been fun testing out batches of furniture on Facebook and in our online pop-up store, and now, for the grand finale, we’re taking the fun in a new direction,” said Barnabas Executive Director Derrick Sides. “No longer will it be a competition of who is the fastest to claim an item. Instead, the piece of furniture will go to the person who loves it the most (and who loves Barnabas the most) and is willing to bid it up the highest.”


The Barnabas Network gives free home furnishings to individuals and families transitioning from homelessness, fleeing domestic violence, overcoming major setbacks, and living on incomes that do not cover basic needs. Last year, Barnabas served 2,099 individuals in 770 households. This amounted to more than 8,000 pieces of furniture, including 1,067 beds, 443 of which went to school-age children. To schedule a furniture donation pickup or to get involved call 336-370-4002.








Update 6/10/20: Exciting Announcement Coming Soon for the Next Phase of our Sale.  Stay Tuned!

We want to take a moment to thank you all for joining us on this online Warehouse Furniture Sale Fundraiser journey. It's been a lot of fun these past few weeks, testing out batches of furniture on Facebook and the pop-up website store! We appreciate your support and flexibility as we take our biggest and most-popular fundraising event in a new direction, and we have big news about what comes next. The next phase of our sale is exciting, and we will have an announcement soon. Stay tuned!

The year's Warehouse Furniture Sale Fundraiser goes Online!

The Barnabas Network announces plans to adapt and transform its largest in-person fundraiser to an online event. Yes. You read that correctly. This time around, after much thought, we have decided to take our Warehouse Furniture Sale Fundraiser online. 

We're so grateful for all of you, volunteers and shoppers alike, who typically help make this event possible, and your health and safety are our top priority. When weighing the potential gain with the potential risk and looking at the extremely challenging logistics and uncertainty of when we might have an in-person event of this size and scale, we decided there has never been a better time for us to pivot and experiment with taking the sale online.

A small number of our crew have been busy unloading, sorting, and assembling the items that have been donated to us from furniture retailers and manufacturers. We will be selecting batches of 10 - 20 items to post on our various online platforms each week or so for people to have the opportunity to purchase. Once paid, the buyer will then be emailed a receipt to print out and bring by the sale location at Executive Square Shopping Center 2710 N. Church St. (thank you Koury Corporation) within 5 business days to claim the item(s). Call our office 336-370-4002 to schedule a time to pick up your items. Buyers will be able to drive up and show the receipt to our staff who will retrieve the items and bring them out to get buyers loaded up and on their way.

We are excited to experiment with these small batches on different online platforms such as Facebook and Instagram (through posts and live events), and through emails linking directly to an online store on the Barnabas site. We invite you to join us on this journey, have fun, and expect the unexpected! We look forward to getting your feedback on which platforms and experiences work best for you, our valued supporters and customers. Moving forward, this will possibly be a new avenue we can add onto future sales for select items, or perhaps even hold mini-popup sales when the time is right. The possibilities are endless.

We will certainly miss seeing all of you together and in-person, and though this time you will be shopping from the comfort of your home, as opposed to waiting in line for hours in the cold at the break of dawn, you will all still be a vital part of making this event a success. We need all of you to help like and share posts, forward emails to spread the word, and most importantly, shop; because, at the end of the day, your purchase funds our operation. All the proceeds from the sale go to support The Barnabas Network and our efforts to Recycle Furniture and Restore Lives.

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