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Our Spring Auction 2023 was a big hit! Thank you for helping us smash our $100,000 goal!


Stay tuned for more auction news


Going Once, Going Twice! Everyone Loves An Auction! Warehouse Furniture Sale Fundraisers Go Online!

The Barnabas Network has adapted and transformed its most popular in-person furniture sale  fundraisers into online events. It's no longer a matter of who can get up at the crack of dawn to be first in line at the sale site --- now it's all about who loves a piece of furniture (and Barnabas!) the most! 

We're so grateful for all of you, volunteers and shoppers alike, who help make these events possible, and your health and safety are our top priority. When weighing the potential gain with the potential risk and looking at the extremely challenging logistics and uncertainty of when we might have an in-person event of this size and scale, we decided there has never been a better time for us to pivot and experiment with taking the sales online.

We still need all of you to help like and share posts, forward emails to spread the word, and most importantly, shop; because, at the end of the day, your purchase funds our operation. The one thing that hasn't changed and won't changes is that all the proceeds from these sales go to support The Barnabas Network and our efforts to Recycle Furniture and Restore Lives.

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