Friends, we have some exciting news about our online Warehouse Furniture Sale Fundraiser. It has been fun testing out batches of furniture here on Facebook and in our online pop-up store, but now for the grand finale, we’re taking the fun in a new direction. Last week we got the happy news that we were approved for a second grant from the United Way Virus Relief Fund to support us in transforming our sale to an online auction event! That’s right, we’re going to finish this off strong with an auction for the items that remain. 


No longer will it be a competition of who is the fastest to claim an item. Instead, the piece of furniture will go to the person who loves it the most (and who loves Barnabas the most) and is willing to bid it up the highest. 


We are firming up the details and planning to launch the event mid-July. A big thank you to Koury Corporation for extending our time in the building to make this possible. And a big thank you to you all for supporting our mission to recycle furniture and restore lives. 

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