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Furniture Revival Sponsor Spotlight: Robert & Laura Green

Headed into the 2022 holiday season, we here at Barnabas are taking a moment to reflect on what has been a transformational and high-impact year. We’re struck with overwhelming gratitude for all the support we’ve received this year, and the impact we’ve all made together. Our Fall Auction set a new fundraising record, and we kicked it all off with Furniture Revival, a meaningful, non-fussy gala to celebrate the power of furniture to change lives. This year’s Furniture Revival was a special evening, and we owe it all to the wonderful sponsors who made it possible.

Bespoke sponsors Robert & Laura Green once again stepped up to the plate and made things happen. Robert, who is senior vice president of wealth management at UBS, serves on our Board. He was game for a quick Barnabas Q&A:

What sparked your interest in philanthropy?

After having the great success that I have achieved in my career but more importantly having the opportunity of making a difference in our client’s lives which has been so extremely rewarding; several years ago, we decided that it was simply time to begin making a difference in our community.

What led you to Barnabas?

(Longtime supporter and former Board member) "Harriette Knox! We were having dinner one evening and she was asking some financial questions and discussing development issues regarding nonprofits. As the conversation progressed during the evening, Harriette simply asked if I would consider serving on the Barnabas Board, to which I responded with an immediate Yes!"

What does “recycling furniture and restoring lives” mean to you?

Laura’s & my philanthropic passion has simply become making a difference in children’s lives any way possible. Barnabas achieves not only our goal of making a difference in the lives of children in our community but also provides a significant benefit in our environment through the recycling of furniture and household goods.

We're proud to have the Greens on Team Barnabas. Their belief in our mission inspires us to go out every day and make a difference with essential home furnishings.

"We cannot think of any two philanthropic initiatives that are more important to our community than providing children of Guilford County an opportunity to have a successful life while at the same time providing a substantial benefit to our local environment." -- RG

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