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Our Staff

Barnabas staff members keep us up and running. They genuinely care about helping clients on the path to self-sufficiency. Feel free to contact any of us with questions!

staff 2.jpg


Derrick Sides
Executive Director

Judy Caldwell
Marketing and Development Director

Grayson Isley
Administrative Assistant/Retail Coordinator

Front Office 

Dino Dobra

Operations Manager

Gasha Carter

Program Services Coordinator

Alisa Grant

Donations Services Coordinator


Ronnie Stewart


Carlos Whitsett

Warehouse Inventory Supervisor

Donation and Delivery

Tamarah Costello
Furniture Mover / Life Changer

Richard Costello
Lead Truck Driver/Life Changer

Tarrell Moore
Furniture Mover / Life Changer

Our Board

Barnabas board members donate time and expertise to help us fulfill our mission. Board members are elected to three-year terms and can serve up to two terms.

2019 board

Class of 2023


Dawn Carpenter (Treasurer)


Robert Green

Shelley Kreber

Debi Miller

Courtney Murchison (Secretary)

Class of 2024


Dawn Martin (Chair)

Lonnie Cockerham

Kelli Coley

Class of 2025

Bryan Edwards

Bryan McNeill

Darnell Brame


Bill Howland

Richard Vanore

Class of 2026

Ellen Gefen

Kasey Hayes

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