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When Barnabas Met eBay: Meaningful Gifts

Back in early 2019, the City of Greensboro and eBay announced that Greensboro was selected as a partner for the Retail Revival program, which is designed to expose small- and medium-size businesses to a global market. eBay chose Greensboro along with Lansing, Mich. and Akron, Ohio. This meant good things for the 'Boro -- and Barnabas.

If you know us, you know we get lots of vintage, antique, high-end, and just-plain-fascinating items in the warehouse. We've always put them aside in a "what do we do with this stuff?" section. Something clicked last year when we attended an eBay for Charity seminar hosted by the Guilford Nonprofit Consortium. "Hey!" We realized. "We can give these items new life and connect with community-minded treasure hunters at the same time in our very own Ebay store!"

First, we became an official eBay Charity. Then, we launched our own online store.

If names like Longaberger, Lalique, and Wedgwood mean something to you, then you'll want to check us out. We showcase the items in our sometimes-weekly Barnabas Vlogs and we're adding more each month -- so come along on a treasure hunt with us. You don't even have to leave your house!

Oh, and be sure to favorite us as your eBay charity. Even if you haven't found that perfect gift item in our store (yet) you can still support us every time you buy or sell on eBay by earmarking 10-100% of the item's price to benefit Barnabas. We're the Triad's only nonprofit furniture bank, and we're proud to be here to help people on the path to self sufficiency. Your support helps us help families like Brandon's.

A single dad to five children, Brandon was thrilled to finally land a full-time job and secure stable housing, but a deposit, utilities and food took all the savings he had. That's where we came in. We were happy to be here for Brandon and provide essential home furnishings so that he and his family could focus on their next steps. That's the power of a hand-up.

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