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Weird For The Win! We All Love Treasure Hunting

Thanks to all who joined us for our online Eclectic Treasures Auction last weekend! This was our second auction, and this time around we featured overtime bidding. Boy, oh boy, was it exhilarating! We're thrilled to share that the total earned by the auction is $6,079 -- and $1,000 of that came in during the extended bidding!

This year unfolded in a way nobody expected. When we re-opened in May, we began strategizing how to safely and effectively hold our furniture sales during a pandemic. Thanks to a grant from the Greensboro Virus Relief Fund, we were able to acquire an online auction software that proved successful in July with our first-ever Online Furniture Auction Fundraiser. People found the same beautiful pieces at amazing prices and supported our mission from the comfort and safety of their own homes. After that wrapped up, we got to thinking. What about all these gorgeous, vintage, and decidedly unique items we've been holding on to for so long? The answer morphed into the Eclectic Treasures Auction. We rounded up all the antique tables, funky lamps, teeny-tiny cabinets, and other wonders that needed good homes, and we put them up for auction! We had fun with it, too.

We are overwhelmed and honestly just pleased as punch that the auction did so well. We're thankful. Thank you for checking in, following us, and supporting our mission to recycle furniture and restore lives. We're the Triad's only nonprofit furniture bank, and we're still here to help our neighbors due to a caring and invested community of friends and supporters. Stay tuned!

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Unknown member
Nov 24, 2020

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