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Mattress Firm Saves the Day

"We're low on beds." No furniture bank wants to hear that phrase, ever.

Beds are the cornerstone of what we do. Out of the 10,000 pieces of furniture we collect and distribute each year, 1,200+ are beds, and over half go to school-age children. That amounts to 600 kids each year. Six-hundred kids in our community had been waking up each morning to go to school after having slept on the floor. That's furniture poverty. And that's why furniture banks exist.

So, you understand: we simply can't be out of beds. But, last week, it happened. We looked at our bed racks and realized that we did not have enough for the coming week. For months, we have been meeting a rising need, serving 30+ households a week. In order to meet the needs of all of our clients on the schedule, we figured we were 20+ mattresses short. We knew we needed help. We needed a retail partner who could step up and donated enough mattresses to get us through our dry spell.

Enter Mattress Firm. When our contact Colleen heard about our mattress shortage, she wasted no time in organizing a high-impact donation delivery. Yesterday, the Mattress Firm truck rolled up and our team unloaded 34 mattresses of varying sizes --- which means we are ready to accommodate all of our clients this coming week. And just in time, too; because as soon as the empty truck headed out, a client came in . . . and our team quickly loaded up three new Mattress Firm mattresses into a truck to head out to their new home.

Our philosophy is simple: Every neighbor deserves a place to sit, a place to eat, and a place to sleep. We make it happen by collecting perfectly-good furniture that people no longer need and finding new homes for it with people who do need it. We couldn't do what we do without an invested village of community partners. It's one thing for a retailer to claim a commitment to giving back, but quite another to prove it with tangible results locally. Mattress Firm is an example of how to do it. We're beyond grateful for their continued support! Here's to a restful night's sleep.

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