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Furniture Revival Sponsor Spotlight: St. Pius X Catholic Church

We're excited to launch our brand-new fundraising celebration, Furniture Revival. This meaningful, high-energy experience occurs in tandem with our online Fall Furniture Auction and channels HGTV and DIY Network, with a Greensboro nonprofit twist to demonstrate the power of furniture to change lives. We've gathered a roster of incredible design teams who are as we speak crafting works of art out of furniture that only a few weeks ago was headed for the landfill. On Saturday, Oct. 23 we'll pay homage to these artists and make merry as we count down the end of auction. Tickets are on sale now on our website.

This is a new chapter in Barnabas fundraising, and it's all happening thanks to a dedicated team of sponsors who believe in us, sponsors like St. Pius X Catholic Church. St. Pius has roots that date back to the early 50s here in Greensboro, and the Church has supported Barnabas in a variety of ways since we were founded in 2006. We're fortunate to have St. Pius in our corner.

You know, Furniture Revival is a new idea for us, and we put it out there at a time when there is a lot going on here in Greensboro and the world. We didn't know what the response would be, but when we approached St. Pius, the Church answered our call and joined us on this journey.

This is an eventful fall here at Barnabas. At press time, we're in the middle of Fall Auction and gearing up for the big event this weekend. In this blog series, we're asking our Furniture Revival sponsors, "Why Barnabas?" Monsignor Anthony Marcaccio's answer to that question speaks to our shared commitment to a strong and vibrant Greensboro.

"Saint Pius the Tenth is happy to collaborate in this effort to not only provide housing, but homes, in the Greater Greensboro area – homes that the clients can be proud of and comfortable in as they nurture their loved ones. We believe that the best thing to furnish a home with is love, and Barnabas is the manifestation of that for us.”

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