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Furniture Revival 2022 Sponsor Spotlight: St. Pius X Catholic Church

On Saturday, Oct. 15 we kicked off our Fall Auction with Furniture Revival, a celebration of second chances -- fresh starts for furniture and for our neighbors. A talented roster of local designers turned landfill-destined pieces of furniture into works of art, and we all gathered together on the auction floor to give everyone a big round of applause as bidding went live.

Furniture Revival 2022 was a blast! Barnabas partied down with excellent food and spirits as we counted down to open the auction. It was the event we had hoped for and much more, and we owe it all to our wonderful sponsors. Bespoke sponsor St. Pius X Catholic Church played a pivotal role in making this year's auction kickoff event a success. Since Barnabas' 2006 founding, St. Pius has been supporting our mission to recycle furniture and restore lives. From sponsorships and faith gifts to volunteer power, we know we can count on St. Pius.

As we head into our 18th year providing essential home furnishings to individuals and families on the path to self-sufficiency, it means a lot to know that the ties we have formed with partners like St. Pius sustain us as we meet a rising need. At the heart of it, we really are as our name indicates, a network. We are able to perform this unique and unduplicated service because we are strengthened by our community's belief in our mission.

Thank you, St. Pius, for all you do to help us restore lives!

"We believe that the best thing to furnish a home with is love, and Barnabas is the manifestation of that for us.”
- St. Pius Monsignor Anthony Marcaccio

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