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Furniture Revival Sponsor Spotlight: Koury Corporation

We're excited to launch our brand-new fundraising celebration, Furniture Revival. This meaningful, high-energy experience occurs in tandem with our online Fall Furniture Auction and channels HGTV and DIY Network, with a Greensboro nonprofit twist to demonstrate the power of furniture to change lives. We've gathered a roster of incredible design teams who are as we speak crafting works of art out of furniture that only a few weeks ago was headed for the landfill. On Saturday, Oct. 23 we'll pay homage to these artists and make merry as we count down the end of auction. Be sure to tune in and watch the excitement on our livestream!

This is a new chapter in Barnabas fundraising, and it's all happening thanks to a dedicated team of sponsors who believe in us, sponsors like Koury Corporation. Koury is one of the entities that makes Greensboro . . . well, Greensboro. Now in its sixth decade of developing, residential, hospitality, retail, and industrial real estate, Koury holds fast to its core values of integrity and customer service, as well as philanthropy.

Barnabas and Koury go way back. We're deeply honored to have their longstanding support. In this special Furniture Revival blog series, we're posing the question, "Why Barnabas?" Koury President Richard Vanore is a Barnabas Board member. He puts it this way:

“Why Barnabas? The work performed by The Barnabas Network day in and day out is crucial for our community. We recognize the extreme difficulties for those less fortunate that are working towards self-sufficiency, those making the climb out of poverty, recovering from a major setback, or fleeing abusive situations. Barnabas is able to take the burden off the backs of so many hoping for a table to eat on or a bed to sleep in."

Turns out a spunky nonprofit furniture bank and one of the top developers in the Southeast are connected by a common thread.

"As a company that started out in the home building business, our passion has always been about providing people with a solid, comfortable place to live. Barnabas helps make that dream a reality for many. The Koury Corporation and Family are thrilled to be able to do our part by supporting The Barnabas Network.”
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